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Socks and Ballerinas is an instrumental live looping duo based in Bristol, UK, consisting of Leonardo Calamati (guitar, bass and synths) and Katalin Helfenbein (drums).

Formed in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2016, they are just 2 members, although they sound like a 5 piece band.


They fuse distorted and electronic melodies with a good dose of danceable ear-worms. Their music is like a roller coaster: ups and downs, double speed, sudden stops, reversing and unexpected ending.

Their debut album “SOAP!” received exceptional reviews and its opener “Salmon Soup’’ has been included in the OST of the award winning video game CONTROL.

The band just released "Newton" and "Outsidein" the first two singles from their upcoming second album "A Bit Jumpy".


The new album is set to release in the second half of 2024 and promises to include more electronic sounds mixed with their unique analogue style.



“This is a possible future reference for the European math-rock scene.”


“A two-person band sounding like a 5-man group.”


“Socks and Ballerinas makes complex music that you can still dance to.”


"#5 in Top 10 Experimental Albums of 2019."



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